FreshForex Deposit Bonus 35%

freshforex deposit bonus 35

Broker: Freshforex (review)

Name: Freshforex Deposit Bonus 35 %

Bonus Duration: 30  June 2016

Bonus size: 25%, 35% (Deposit from $200 – Bonus 25%, Deposit from $1000 – Bonus 35%)

Maximum amount of bonus: $5000

Bonus for: All Traders (except traders from Indonesia)

Withdrawal requirements:  Trading volume. Trader need to to trade more than 35% of bonus amount  . For example if Bonus 200 USD= 70 closed lots (200*35%)  – is the amount required for transferring bonus to “Balance”


Link:  FreshForex 35% deposit bonus


FreshForex 35% deposit Bonus Agreement

Source: freshforex.com



  1. Period of the promotion: from February 2, 2015 through June 30, 2016 .
  2. The promotion is efficient for Classic and Market Pro accounts that are not linked to “Double deposit” and “Fresh Rebate 50%” promotions.  
  3. To take part into the bonus plan, you are required to:
    1. Have confirmed personal details.
    2. Connect one of your trading accounts to the bonus plan in the personal area. Further you cannot change the selected account.
    3. Make a deposit and begin trading.
  4. Bonus rate is based on the amount of deposit:
    1. 35% on each deposit of the amount from 1000 USD/ 900 EUR;
    2. 25% on each deposit of the amount from 200 USD /180 EUR.
  5. If in the result of conversion, paying commission or other costs the amount is less than the required amount, the bonus shall not be provided.
  6. If net arrival of the funds  (all top-ups minus withdrawals) from the time of start of the promotion to the moment of deposit is negative, the bonus shall not be provided.
  7. Further transactions are not accounted as deposit:
    1. Deposits made prior to linking client’s account to the promo;
    2. Internal transfers of the funds from other account of client to the account participating in the promo;
    3. Any rewards, bonuses and indemnifications provided by the company;
    4. Returns of the funds in the result of cancellation of withdrawal request.
  8. Any requests for withdrawal and internal transfers to other accounts are considered to be withdrawal under the promotion.
  9. The maximum bonus amount provided under this promotion should not exceed 5 000 USD / 4 500 EUR.
  10. The bonus is credited to “Credit” column, is purposed to maintain account under drawdown and increase of trading volume.
  11. If from the moment of bonus credit trading volume of client is more than 35% of bonus amount accounted in USD, current active bonus amount is transferred into the “Balance” and becomes available for withdrawal. The sum of an active balance on account is the amount of bonuses received one by one without a break for withdrawal or transfer into balance. To transfer profit into balance, you need to fully comply with the clause and contact support. Partial transfer into balance is not allowed. Example: you deposited 200 USD and received a bonus 50 USD and trade. One more deposit is 1000 USD and bonus is 350 USD, resulting in current active bonus as of 400 USD. 400 USD * 35% = 140 closed lots is the clause you need to satisfy to transfer bonus into “Balance”. An already deducted bonus cannot be transferred into balance and the sum of active current bonus is newly accounted starting from new deposits made after deduction.
  12. The bonus is fully debited from the account:
    1. In case of any withdrawals from the account including internal transfer;
    2. If balance of account is negative and there are no open positions;
    3. If Equity of the account gets less than the amount of current bonus (Credit), provided that client receives a 5 days’ prior notification;
    4. If the promotion is deactivated for client.
    5. On July 28 of 2016 – in a month after the promo is completed;
  13. The funds provided under this promotion are solely purposed to increase trading funds. To prevent fraudulent actions (abuse with the terms of the promotion) and money laundering, sponsors of the promotion reserve the right without any prior notification at their own discretion at any time to: debit bonus funds, deny paying bonus or profit earned with the help of bonus funds, either restrict withdrawal of funds from account:
    1. Entire amount without charges is available in 3 months after you get the last bonus;
    2. Within 3 months’ limit after you get the last bonus, you can withdraw only on condition you fully satisfy one of the below requirements:
      1. From the moment of adding bonus before withdrawal, trading volume must be at least 1 closed lot for every 15 USD of bonus amount. For example: you received 150 USD bonus. So, required volume will be 150 USD / 15 USD = 10 closed lots;
      2. You pay 35% of withdrawal fee from the amount of withdrawal.
  14. The company reserves the right to retain up to 35% of reward for the clients attracted by partners and participating in this promotion.
  15. The company reserves the right to change conditions and duration of the promotion plan.
  16. The promotion is available to all clients but for citizens of Republic of Indonesia.

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