Where to start earning on trading?

Advertising on the Internet, offering to become rich, trading in the Forex market or investing in binary options, should not be taken seriously. Since this type of earnings is a difficulty not only for a beginner, but also for an experienced trader due to high investment risks.

Types of options

The most common type of binary options is a simple up / down deal. There are, however, different options. One of the common factors is that the result will have a “binary” result (yes or no). Here are some of the types available:

  • Up / Down or High / Low – the main and most common binary option. Whether the price will end above or below the current price at the time of expiration.
  • In / Out, Range or Boundary – this option sets the “high” indicator and the “low” indicator. Traders predict whether the price will end within or outside these levels (or “borders”).
  • Touch / No Touch – They have set levels above or below the current price. The trader must predict whether the actual price will “touch” these levels at any time between the time the transaction expires.
  • Please note that with the touch input option, the transaction can be closed before the expiration date – if the price level touches the expiration of the option, the “Touch” option will be paid immediately, regardless of whether the price subsequently deviates from the touch level.
  • Ladder – these options behave like a normal deal up / down, but instead of using the current strike price, the ladder will have predetermined price levels (“ladder” gradually or up). They can often be in some way the current price of a strike. Since these options usually require significant price movements, payouts often go beyond 100%, but both sides of the deal may not be available… see more about Binary options orders types here >>

Earnings on the Internet in trading

To start trading in the foreign exchange market, financial investments are needed. The larger they are, the higher the income will be. When investing in binary options, you need to own trading strategies and read reviews about brokers before opening an account. For example, read iq option honest review

The main requirements for traders are as follows:

  • presence of certain knowledge in the field of finance;
  • skill in analyzing the situation in the foreign exchange market;
  • solvency and the ability to invest.

With a lack of financial resources, Forex makes it possible to use a no deposit bonus. To earn money, a trader needs a minimum amount of funds with which to make a deal. Experienced traders advise beginners to open accounts for at least $ 100.

Ways to make money in the Forex market can be as follows:

  • execution of trading operations independently;
  • use of advisers in trade;
  • investments in PAMM accounts transferred to the management of foreign exchange trading specialists;
  • trading based on the advice of other traders.

Having replenished the deposit for a certain amount, do not rush. Thoroughly consider the situation. It should be remembered that specialists also tend to make mistakes. An experienced trader can regularly record losses.

Tips for Beginner Traders

It is better for beginners to start working with the help of advisers that reduce the number of transactions with losses. To earn money on binary options, beginners need to follow a certain sequence of actions:

  1. Start training with the basics of trading in the foreign exchange market.
  2. To choose the most reliable of brokers.
  3. Open a demo account for testing and start trading.
  4. Having achieved success on a demo account, you can trade on real accounts.

When choosing a broker, one should take into account the duration of his work in the foreign exchange market. The longer it is, the more serious is the broker’s reputation. It is more profitable to work with those who set a low transaction fee. Here is a list of  best binary options brokers with a minimum deposit.

For beginners in trading, the income of 4-5% of the deposit per month will be the norm. However, professionals often earn no more than 10-15% per month. You can’t trust the advertising companies of different brokers who promise big profits in a short time.

Asset lists

The number and variety of assets that you can trade differs from broker to broker (See here Reating of Binary Options brokers). Most brokers provide options for popular assets, such as major forex pairs, including EUR / USD, USD / JPY and GBP / USD, as well as major stock indexes, such as FTSE, S & P 500 or Dow Jones Industrial. Also commonly offered products, including gold, silver, oil and others.

Individual stocks and stocks are also traded through many binary brokers. Although not all stocks will be available, you can choose from twenty-five to one hundred popular stocks such as Google and Apple. These listings are constantly growing, depending on demand.

Asset listings are always clearly listed on every trading platform, and most brokers post their complete asset listings on their website. This information is also available in our reviews, including currency pairs.

Expiration time

Expiry time is the point at which the transaction is closed and settled. The only exception is when the “Touch” option has reached a predetermined level before the expiration date. The expiration date for any given transaction may vary from thirty seconds to a year. While binaries initially started with very short expiration dates, demand provided a wide range of available expiration dates. Some brokers even give traders the opportunity to set their own specific expiration times.

Expiration is usually grouped into three categories:

  • Short Term / Turbo – Usually classified as an expiration of less than five minutes.
  • Normal – they will vary from five minutes before the end of the day, which expires when the local market for this asset closes.
  • Long-term – any expiration after the end of the day will be considered long-term. The longest validity period can be up to twelve months.
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