3MA+WPR system

Trading indicators – EMA 5 (Black), EMA 11 (Blue), EMA 50 (Green) + optional WRP system

Forex pairs – all

TF (TimeFrame) – H1, H4

Broker – Any that offer MetaTrader 4 platform or other

Win Ration – 85%

Price – Free

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This trading system is a trend following, which use 3 EMA’s with levels (50, -50) and also WPR Slow filter. WPR Slow Filter is not required, but it could be useful.

Entry Rules:

3MA+WPR system

When to BUY ?

The rules for long entry is that we must see on the chart a strong uptrend. We need to see EMA50(Green) and EMA 11(Blue) both vertically pointing up. The next rule is that EMA 5 (Black) must be above EMA 11 (Blue) and EMA 11 to be above EMA 50 (Green).

When the chart show that and we have these trading conditions, we will know that the trend is bullish. We can make buy entry again, when the price fall back and touch EMA50(Green).

You can use also Wrp Filter to confirm the trend with red bar sell signals. The profit target could be 40 pips. Stop loss could be put at – 40 pips and you could move it with the price.

When to SELL?

3MA+WPR system

We must see that the price is in downtrend. EMA 50 and EMA 11 must move down, EMA 5 must be below EMA 11, and EMA11 must be below EMA 50. These conditions give us a signal to sell.

We can follow the trend, until the end with trailing stop loss.


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