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Name Fozzy
Website fozzy.com
Starter Package Price 24.5$
Basic Package Price 46.5$
RAM for Starter Package 1Gb
Pre-Installed MT
Operating system Windows
Free Trial
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  • Rocco Emerson says:

    I keep on falling in love everyday with Fozzy! The server is stable and always 100% available!
    Their tech support is amazing. They’re all extremely knowledgeable and easily understands my geeky techno terms. Never ever had to use their phone service because the live chat is sooo amazing. I absolutely love fozzy and I recommend it to all of my customers, friends and family.

  • Vicenta Thieme says:

    I moved from another web hosting provider because of the downtime and unskillful support staff.
    Having compared many different web hosting offers and decided to deal with Fozzy.
    So far the experience was wonderful. I paid via paypal method of payment and everything was fine and secure. I’ve been with them for more than eight months and as for me, the 3 most important things are
    – great uptime,
    – fast connection speed,
    – competitive pricing.
    This reliable ssd web host would be great for running any kind of web site.

  • Robin Vantwerp says:

    Fozzy is the best hosting service I have ever seen. First, the price: $3.99 per month, with more than adequate resources to small companies. In addition, they run occasional promotions where you can get this even cheaper…

    The support side, I have nothing negative to say. Fast and effective. Something that the distinguished? Their ability to respond to all, including questions on the CMS itself. I’ve never seen this, and my ca amazed, and less than 10 minutes response temp, is a plus!

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Fozzy Review

Fozzy is a web hosting company that provide also vps services for customers in Europe, Asia, and also in the United States. Fozzy is a part of the XBT Holding, this is a global hosting and network solutions provider. The company is one of the best vps solution, because they offer the data centers in three different countries – United States, the Netherlands and Singapore. They use only Hyper-V virtualization technology with a Dell server (R720xd series) with Dual Intel Xeon E5-2650v2 processors.

The team of Fozzy are only professionals and experts. Their mission is together to build a different kind of web hosting and vps solutions. They want to be an organization that is focused on honesty. They provide to the customers one of the best vps plans with high secure, fast web access and cutting-edge technology.

Everything is all about what you want. You can choose the perfect plan for you, every details are important when you trade forex, so the most important part is the connection, because if you lost your network connection, you will lost money. All of their plans are fast enough to start your biggest projects. You can trade forex or stocks with their vps and you will have no problems. They offer vps services with Windows and also Linux, so every plan is different.

The minimal vps plan for windows is called 1024mb, with this plan you will receive 25 GB Total disk space, 1 TB Bandwidth, RAM guaranteed 1024-1500 MB, Internet connection for this plan is 10 Mbps. You can feel free to ask them for the 1024MB plan for free trial. Bandwidth limit is 1 GB.

If you need forex hosting solutions, Fozzy is the perfect. You know that every second of the forex market is important, so your profit depends on a good connection with your Forex broker. With the Fozzy Forex hosting you will receive free setup, location of the hosting in Netherlands or Singapore, Daily Backup
20 GB Total disk space, Maximum CPU 1100 MHz, 512 MB – 1024 MBRam (guaranteed), Bandwidth 1 TB per month, Connection Speed 10 Mbps, Price per month – $24.50.

The payments methods that you can use are Paypal and Bank Transfer. All payments can be made quickly and easily through PayPal.


Fozzy Forex VPS Pricing:

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