#3 TradingFxVPS

#3 TradingFxVPS

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Name TradingFxVPS
Website tradingfxvps.com
Starter Package Price 25$
Basic Package Price 45$
RAM for Starter Package 2Gb
Pre-Installed MT
Operating system Windows
Free Trial
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#3 TradingFxVPS Review

TradingFxVPS – company which offer VPS. The company is online since 2015. TradingFXVPS offer guaranteed resources for all their VPS. They adopt Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) and VMware virtualization technology.In our VPS, all RAM, SSD and processor resources are completely dedicated and always available to you. Through VMware flexibility framework, you’ll receive 100% uptime across VPS

TradingFxVPS  Pricing



TradingFxVPS accept PayPal as payment method. All charges are monthly and will be automatically paid from your PayPal account (if you used subscribe option). Don’t forget – your subscribption service can be cancelled at any time (in the web interface)


TradingFxVPS have Speed, reliability, the best conditions for the clients.

TradingFxVPS hosting  locations

  • New York, USA – Internap, NYC Metro NY4
  • London, UK – Equinix, LD4
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Leaseweb, AMS1
  • Frankfurt, Germany – Equinix, FR

TradingFxVPS Latency

Latency –  duration for a signal between your trading platform (MT4, MT5) and forex broker broker. TradingFXVPS offer low latency and fast execution speed. Here example:

Latency is measured in milliseconds, or 1/1000th of a second.

Latency in tradingfxvps


TradingFxVPS Pros and Cons




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