Big Bull FX robot

Big Bull FX robot

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Name BigBullFX
Website bigbullfx.com
Platform MetaTrader
Developer Other
Price 159 $
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    Big Bull FX robot

    Trading Style – n/a

    Developer – Genton Capital FZC


    TimeFrame – M1

    Broker – Big Bull FX robot work with any with 5 digit pricing  broker.

    Recommended Minimum deposit – $1000. If less, you need trade microlots (0.01 lot)

    Price – $159 $139 (with $20 CashBack from ProfitF)

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    Before giving an unbiased review or BigBullFx EA, let us look at what developer claims it is;

    Big Bull FX -what it is

    BigBullFx, a 100% automated trading software for Metatrader 4. Develper – “Genton Capital FZC” (Author of ForexSteroid EA). BigBullFx has 11 strategies trading on 5 different currency pairs namely; AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and XAUUSD. We know that most automated trading systems fail in the long run due to the ever changing market conditions. Hence, if this EA has the 11 strategies, it has the capacity to survive and continue performing well as market conditions change. Simply, one poorly performing strategy will be compensated by the profits of the others that are still in good form.

    According to the developer, these are the pros of BigBullFx EA;

    1. It trades on five different instruments using 11 strategies.
    2. User friendly with easy installation as less as 5 minutes
    3. High profits
    4. It does not use martingale or scalping strategies
    5. Always uses a stoploss
    6. Can work with any broker
    7. One time payment for unlimited use


    Big Bull FX  FxBlue live statistic:


    Big Bull FX  Performance

    Unfortunately, BigBullFx only shows a live performance of only 142 days. This a relatively low timeframe to judge the long term performance of the EA as well as its stability in different market conditions.

    BigBullFx -live performance

    BigBullFx Live performance


    The 142 day performance show positive results with upto 530% in monthly profits.
    One can then only judge its long term performance using featured back-tests results which show an annual average return of 239.17% with a 14.44% drawdown using all 11 strategies.

    BigBullFx backtests

    Figure; BigBullFx Back-test results

    However, the back-test results can only be used as guidance since they are hypothetical and have limitations that make them differ from real trading results.

    Another disadvantage of BigBullFx Forex EA is that it does not have a verified account with myfxbook.com. Myfxbook is used as the legitimate source of verifying live account performance by taking live data from Metatrader 4 and comparing it to that of the broker server. BigBullFx only uses Fxblue for verfification of its live performance.

    There are also some discrepancies in what is claimed on the site and what is verified by Fxblue. For instance, the developer claims the EA’s average trading length is over two hours while live trading data via Fxblue show the average trade length is 22.8 minutes.This makes some trades’ duration to be very short and could be termed as scalping as opposed to what the developer claims.

    BigBull Fx-2hours

    BigBullFx -22mins

    Developer’s average trade length versus that shown in live data


    Though the time traded is short, let us look at the live results for each of the five pairs traded;

    5 pairs performance Big Bull Fx

    Live results for each pair

    AUDUSD, XAUUSD and USDJPY being recently added by the developer, do not have many trades. The bulk of the profit shown comes from trading GBPUSD and hence this pair can be considered the best performer using BigBullFx EA.

    BigBullFx stats

    BigBullFx Live trading stats per month

    Most of the profits by BigBullFx EA have also been achieved in the month of August having traded for only five months. This shows that the EA’s performance is not evenly distributed over the months and hence may have down months as seen in March having a total net loss.


    BigBullFx Parameters

    License Here you have to copy the license from the My Account Area (see activation chapter).

    Comment This is the comment of the EA. You can write here whatever you want.

    Magic number This is the unique ID of the first built-in strategy. Must be different from other Expert Advisor’s magic number.

    Magic number 2  This is the unique ID of the second built-in strategy. Must be different from other Expert Advisor’s magic number.

    Lot Calculation Long Here you can select the risk for the long positions.

    Lot Calculation Short Here you can select the risk for the short positions.


    BigBullFx Backtesting

    For back testing you have to login to the registered account in your MT4 terminal and use the generated license key.  Please be sure that “Visual Mode” is checked in the Strategy tester.  Please be sure that your historical data is valid without data errors and come from a trusted source.

    BigBullFx – Pros and Cons




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    BigBullFx Conclusion

    The performance of BigBullFx EA has improved from month to month in the live performance statistics and hence it shows some potential. Howeverits live trading performance is relatively short and requires to be watched for a few more months before making a proper verdict.


    Please post comment/review about BigBullFx, if you have any experience with this FX robot!

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