Trend Momentum Binary Option system

The Trend Momentum Binary Option strategy a bit more complex yet sophisticated binary options trading system which works best on 30 minute and up to 60 minute expiry contracts and works across all asset classes (forex, commodities, indices, metals).

Who is this strategy ideal for?

The binary options trend and momentum strategy is ideally suited for more advanced binary options traders as it involves more than two indicators. It does make for a perfect intraday binary options trading strategy.


  • SpudFibo
  • Heiken Ashi Smoothed
  • Double CCI Woody’s
  • RSI

How to install Indicators in MT4

The default settings to use are:

  • Double CCI Woody’s
  • Trend CCI Period: 170
  • Entry CCI Period: 34
  • Trend Period: 2
  • Count bars: 1000
  • RSI: 14 with levels 45 and 55
  • Timeframe: 30 minutes chart

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For PUT options:

  • Trend CCI (170) and Entry CCI (34) crosses below zero line
  • RSI indicator falls below 45 or is below 45
  • Heiken Ashi indicator is red

For CALL Options:

  • Trend CCI (170) and Entry CCI (34) crosses above zero line
  • RSI indicator rises above 55 or is above 55
  • Heiken Ashi indicator is blue

Trend Momentum Binary Option system Examples:

PUT Options

trend-momentum-PUT example


  • Trend CCI and Entry CCI both fall below the 0-line
  • Few candlesticks later, RSI falls below 45
  • Heiken Ashi candlesticks are Red
  • Place a PUT option with 60 minute expiring contract
  • Trade resulted in a profit

CALL Options

trend-mom-CALL example


  • Trend and Entry CCI crosses above the 0-line
  • RSI rises above 55
  • Heiken Ashi is blue
  • Place a CALL option with a 60 minute expiry
  • Trade resulted in a profit

Strategy Tweaks and Tricks

The Spud Fibo indicator is an optional use. While its usage doesn’t quite improve the probability of trades, it is worth considering for traders who make use of Fibonacci. However, the system is also know to work best even without the Spud Fibo indicator. We also find that placing 60 minute expiry contracts works best.


The binary options trend momentum strategy is known to work very well however its usage is better suited for advanced traders as it involves using three different indicators. The strategy performs best when analyzing 30 minute charts and for placing 60 minute expiring contracts.


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  • Bjorn Van de Kerkhof says:

    Somebody needs to review the Entry rules, they don’t make sense compared with each other. The First part contradicts what is shown in the examples.

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