Question: S/L at 1.75999 , but price has never reached 1.75999

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Good morning,
I opened a demo account with a broker, but it seems that my account does not work, as it should be. In fact, I faced a strange error:
I opened a short position (Euro/NZD) at Line1 at the price of 1.75766 on 09/25/2015 at 16:17:18. In the same day at 16:27:19 it was closed by the system at the price of 1.75999. It should be noted that I entered a S/L at 1.75999 and a T/P at 1.75710.
However, when examined the transaction closely, I found out that the price has never reached 1.75999 at the time mentioned before so the loss was 147.85.
You can see the chart by following one of these links:


How can this be explained? Is the error from the broker, or the software (Metatrader4) or me?
Your help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


See answer in comments.

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  • ProfitF says:

    Hi, I see it’s your mistake. Look at CANDLESTICK chart. Our advice – don’t use Line chart type for set SL and TP

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