T-NewsTimer indicator

T-NewsTimer indicator

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Name TNewsTimer
Website forexnewstimer.com
Platform MetaTrader
Developer Other
Price 15 $
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    T-NewsTimer indicator – tool for that displays economic news on chart. Analog of our News Calendar Indicator

    We are all used to the various Economic Calendars available online. They are the go to information sites once we want to know which economic event is about to happen and get ready either to trade it, or adjust our trading strategies appropriately. For example ProfitF Economic Calendar online

    Economic Calendar online


    What is the T-News Timer?

    T-News Timer

    T-News Timer Metatrader 4 indicator enables traders access upcoming economics news directly on their charts without having to go to their browsers to open the web-based economic calendars. The indicator appears on the corner of the chart on your MT4 platform showing the time remaining until the next economic event for the particular pair on the chart.

    the timer

    The T-News Timer on Upper Left Chart Corner


    To get more information on the upcoming news event, one can hover on the timer using the mouse cursor. A pop-up then appears showing more details on the economic event including the previous outcome and the forecasted figure for the event.

    T-News Timer on hover

    The TNews Timer showing more information on mouse hover

    Let us look at the “Forex NewsTimer” features:

    Currency Pair detection; the T-News Timer will detect the currency pair on the chart and show only the economic events related to that currency pair only. This removes the need to filter out the events that will affect the pair on the current chart.

    Economic Event Strength; T-News Timer color codes economic events with different colors depending on its impact. By default, white represents low impact events, orange represents medium impact events and red represents high impact events.

    Alerts; T-News Timer will show alerts a set number of minutes before the economic event is released. It has both pop-up and sound alerts.

    Email Support

    ForexNewsTimer Shows multiple economic events

    Fully Customizable (Let us look at some of the customizable features):

    T-News Timer comes with an installer for easy installation to your MT4 platforms. You will also find several videos guiding through the process of installation, use, troubleshooting as well as authentication.


    For any serious trader, keeping track of important economic events is crucial to success and profitability. Having this information directly on your trading platform saves time and brings a lot of convenience while trading. The T-News Timer is clean in design and appears on the corner of your chart, hence does not fill half or the entire chart giving you enough space for your technical analysis. It only shows additional important information as a pop-up on mouse hover when you need it, this is a very important feature that other information indicators lack in design.

    Alternative of this indicator –  tool ” News as lines on MT4 chart

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