Triple Speed Profit

Triple Speed Profit

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Name Triple Speed Profit
Website forexprecog.com
Platform MetaTrader
Developer Other
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    Triple Speed Profit logo Triple SpeedProfit – free forex system by Michael Nurok. (Developer of  Forex Precog)

    The Triple Speed Profit System use 3 indicators,  for:

    1. Identify potential divergence set ups
    2. Identify high-probability entry points
    3. Identify high-probability target levels

    Screenshot of the chart with Triple SpeedProfit:

    Triple Speed Profit System screenshot


    Triple Speed Profit  Trading rules for BUY 

    1. A Bullish Divergence must exist. (What is Divergence in Forex)
    a. The MACD must show a rising momentum between a lower-low MACD level and a higher-low MACD level
    b. The price must show an overall falling price between a Swing-Low point that correlates to the Lower-Low MACD level and a Swing-Low point that correlates to the Higher-Low MACD level
    2. The price point that correlates to the Higher-Low of the MACD level, mus either: break below the lower Bollinger Band OR be within 10 pips of the lower Bollinger Band
    3. ADS Indicator must change color from red to blue
    4. Entry of trade is based on the open of the first candle after the ADS changed color to blue
    5. Stop loss is placed at 10 pips for H1 time frame, 15 pips for H4 time frame or
    25 pips for D1 time frame, below the low of the signal bar that occurs on the
    ADS crossover
    6. The ultimate target is the higher Bollinger Band


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