Review of TechFinancials Binary Trading Platform

TechFinancials (website) is one of the leading binary options trading platform providers and for most binary options traders, this unique trading platform is synonymous with the brand, Optionfair.com. The binary options trading platform offers a unique trading experience for traders and could possibly be considered a top notch binary options trading platform. In this review of TechFinancials binary options platform we take a detailed walk through in the various features and functionalities of this trading platform that is offered by Optionfair, a renowned binary options broker. (Read OptionFair Review here)

TechFinancials – Trading Interface

The trading interface from the TechFinancials binary options trading platform is relatively easy to understand even for a complete beginner. The binary options trading platform is divided into the following sections as illustrated below.



TechFinancials – Trading Platform Interface

(1) Binary Options Contracts

The binary options contract section to the left side of the screen allowstraders to choose or navigate between the various instruments available for trading. Traders can choose from the following types of binary options contracts.

  • Short Term
  • High/Low
  • One Touch
  • Boundary

Based on the type of binary options that a user selects, the list of instruments is displayed that are available to trade. Traders simply have to click on the instrument followed by the contract’s expiry time in order to place a trade.

 2_Binary_Options_Contracts TechFinancials

Selecting the Binary options contracts

(2) Main Navigation

The main navigation allows traders to switch between forex or binaryoptions for trading as well as being able to click on ‘Banking’ and ‘My Account’ in order to edit their details or to deposit or withdraw funds. Traders can also switch between trading Binary options or forex right within the main trading interface.


TechFinancials – Forex Trading Interface

The Banking section can be accessed directly from the interface itself and allows traders to deposit funds as well as request funds from the trading platform. The Banking section also shows a history of previous transactions that a trader has made and status of the withdrawal requests as well, making it easy to use.

(3, 4) Trading Interface

The trading interface within the TechFinancials binary options trading platform is easy to use for both beginners and professional traders as well. Besides offering the basic functionality of placing trades, traders can enlarge the trading interface to conduct their own technical analysis studies. Click on the ‘Chart Icon’ opens a new window complete with full charting capabilities along with a good choice of built in trading indicators as well.

 5_technical_analysis in TechFinancials

TechFinancials – Advanced Charts


(5) Trading History

The trading history tab offers traders a glimpse into their trading history with the ability to filter the history based on dates and by instruments. Traders can navigate between the ‘Open Trades’ and ‘Trade History’ tabs to view their positions.

TechFinancials – Trading on the go (Mobile devices)

The TechFinancials trading platform is also accessible via the mobile trading interface as well. Unlike most binary options trading platforms that are usually limited to the iOS or Android enabled devices, traders can access the trading platform from their mobile devices irrespective of the type of device they use. In other words the TechFinancials trading platform can be accessed from mobile browsers as well.

The mobile app can be downloaded free of cost and existing users can sign in and trade directly from the dedicated app, which features the same functionality as if you were trading from the desk top interface. Navigation from the mobile trading app is easy and intuitive and allows traders to access their trading history and to navigate between the various binary options contracts. The only downside to the mobile trading from TechFinancials is the fact that advanced charting capabilities are not available. However, considering that binary options trading from the mobile interface is mostly used for placing trades and monitoring their trades, this drawback shouldn’t be a hindrance to many.


TechFinancials – Mobile Trading

TechFinancials – Conclusion

While the binary options trader of today has the choice to trade with one of the many different trading platform providers, the TechFinancial binary options trading platform is by far one of the simplest yet advanced trading platform available. The simplicity, combined with its advanced features ensures that trading binary options with the TechFinancials trading platform makes for an enjoyable trading experience.

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