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EzTrader binary options trading platform is one of the unique trading platforms available in the market. Being one of the oldest binary options broker, EzTrader’s binary trading platform has seen significant changes to keep up with the latest market trends and changes.

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The trading platform is user friendly and offers a distraction free trading that most traders whether beginners or professionals will definitely like.

EzTrader Trading Platform Interface

EzTrader’s trading interface is very simple. The trading platform is divided into the top section navigation which can be used to switch between the different types of binary options that are available to trade. These include the Call/Put options, SellOptions, 60 second short term expiring options, the long term (monthly expiries) as well as the daily and weekly expiring contracts.

Based on the type of binary option that is selected, traders can then use the drop down to select the available instruments to trade, which shows the chart for the instrument as well as the payouts and the expiry time that can be selected.

eztrader platform

EzTrader – Trading Platform Interface

 As once can see the EzTrader’s trading platform interface is very simple to use and is very user friendly.

EzTrader Chart Interface

The chart interface with Eztrader is a bit limited in terms of functionality as it only offers a line chart and a few options such as selecting the time frame for the chart. But besides these two, there is nothing much to it. Meaning that traders who want to view charts and add their own indicators and/or drawings will find the lack of the features a bit disappointing.

eztrader chart

EzTrader – Chart Features

However, the lack of the additional features in regards to charting interface comes with its own set of advantages, the most important being that trading is quick, besides the fact that that line charts load up pretty fast regardless of the browsers being used. Seasoned price action traders will however find that the basic charts offered by EzTrader more or less suffices as far as technical trading is concerned.

The trading interface is built into the charts which as we noted previously makes is very simple and quick to trade. The trade buttons (CALL/PUT) are located to the right to the screen including the option to change the minimum amount to invest. With the option to switch between instruments being as simple as selecting from the drop down, it is also very easy to navigate between the trading instruments and placing the trades accordingly.


EzTrader – Mobile Trading

EzTrader offers mobile binary options trading via the dedicated trading apps for Android and iOS devices. The mobile trading apps can be downloaded from the Google Play or iTunes store free of cost and can be used to trade directly from your smartphone or mobile tablet devices.

EzTrader’s mobile trading app keeps with its general theme of offering a distraction free and simple trading interface and in this aspect; traders will find that the interface is almost similar to trading from your desktop. The charting on the mobile devices is limited to the area chart but is visually appealing. The large CALL/PUT buttons are hard not to miss and traders can quickly click on the buttons to trade with ease.

EzTrader – Conclusion

EzTrader binary options trading platform is one of the simplest of all trading platforms focusing on offering a distraction free trading. The ability to trade from the desktop or mobile trading devices makes it ideal to trade on the go. While EzTrader lacks in terms of charting functionalities, it makes up for offering a light weight and a quick trading interface, which should go well with seasoned binary option traders.

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  • James Lambert says:

    I’m trading with eztrader’s platform and very happy with it. I reccomend using eztrader’s platform, they are reliable and has a very friendly platform.

  • Duncan says:

    EZTrader’s platform is one of the smoothest I’ve come across lately. Trading is uncomplicated. In addition to using EZTrader’s financial calendar, there are lots of places where this information can be obtained but in terms of actual trading with ease, I would highly recommend EZTrader.

  • Beth MacFarland says:

    EZTrader has its flaws, I’ll be the first to say. But because they do their best and focus on good service, I overlook the negatives because the positives way them out.

  • Lance Broden says:

    I found eztrader’s payouts to be very reasonable Sign up was quick and no glitches. I am very happy with the app too. Cheers.

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