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Trading the Harmonic Bat Gartley Pattern

The Harmonic Bat is a variation to the Gartley pattern which was developed by Scott Carney. It is considered to be one of the more accurate patterns exhibiting a higher success rate than any other harmonic patterns. The bat pattern might look similar to a Gartley 222 Butterfly pattern but differs only minutely in terms of the Fibonacci ratios between the swing/pivot points.

The Harmonic Pattern Bat is made up of 5 swing points, X,A, B, C and D and come in Bullish and Bearish bat variations.

The Harmonic Bat pattern has the following characteristics which can be used to identify the Bat pattern.

  • AB leg can retrace between 38.2% – 50% of XA leg
  • BC leg can retrace between 38.2% – 88.6% of AB leg
  • CD leg can retrace up to 88.6% of XA leg
  • CD leg can also be an extension of between 1.618% – 2.618% of AB leg

The chart below shows an example of the harmonic bullish and bearish Bat patterns.

bullish and bearish Bat patterns

The main difference between the Harmonic Bat and the Gartley 222 Pattern is the points or swing leg of AB.

Gartley Pattern Bat Pattern
AB must retrace close to 61.8% of XA AB can retrace between 38.2 – 50% of XA
CD can retrace up to 78.6% of XA CD can retrace up to 88.6% of XA
CD can retrace between 1.272 – 1.618% extension of AB CD can retrace up to 1.618 – 2.618% extension of AB


In terms of the target levels, the first target is set to 61.8% of CD, followed by 1.272% of CD and finally the projection of XA from D, the entry point.


Bearish Bat Pattern Trade Example

Bearish Bat Trade Example

The chart above illustrates an example of a bearish harmonic bat pattern which was executed perfectly.

  • After identifying the XA leg, we notice AB retracing 48.8% of XA, well within the 38.2% – 50% retracement level
  • BC leg then declines to retrace 52.2% of AB (within the limits of 88.6% of AB leg)
  • CD then rallies to retrace 89.5%, which overshot the ideal reversal level of 88.6%, while staying within the range of 2.618% extension of AB leg.

After price rallied to point D, it promptly reversed. A short position would then be executed with stops near the high of X. The first target 1 comes in at 61.8% of CD, followed by target 2 at 1.272% of CD and finally target 3, which is the projected XA distance from the PRZ level at D.


Bullish Bat Pattern Trade Example

Bullish Bat Trade Example

The above chart shows an example of a bullish bat pattern.

  • Here, we notice that AB retraced 53.7% (almost close to 50%) of XA leg
  • BC then rallies to retrace 65.6% of the XA leg, within the limits of 88.6%
  • CD then retraces 60.5% of XA and an extension of 119.2% of AB leg (although not completely qualifying the final leg).

In any case, price reversed near point D to reach all the three objectives of target 1 which is 61.8% of CD, target 2, the 127.2% extension of CD and finally target 3, the XA projected distance from the PRZ level at D.

From the above, we do notice that the Gartley 222 and the Bat patterns are almost similar with some minute differences as pointed out in the table. Traders shouldn’t really bother themselves as to the type of harmonic pattern that is being formed as the stop loss and target levels are the same as trading the Gartley 222 pattern.

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