Applying Trading Strategies to Casino Games

It’s very difficult to argue against the oft-quoted maxim on casinos – the house always wins. However, these words, as any trader will be well aware, should be treated flexibly. They refer to the house winning against people generally, and not necessarily against the individual.

Can you use financial trading strategies to improve your chances at winning with casino games? Well, we are not going to suddenly tell you to start drawing Bollinger Bands or use Fibonacci retracements on roulette wheels. But, as with trading stocks and currencies, it comes down to two very important elements – good sense and good discipline.

For a start, like picking stocks, you should be smart in picking the right games. If you check this UK casino site with tables that accept GBP, you will see various options for roulette. Which should you choose? American roulette? Why would you choose a game that has more of a disadvantage? You should really be choosing European roulette, preferably French roulette that carries La Partage rule.

Choose European Each Time

For those that don’t usually follow casino games, the reason is this: American roulette has an extra pocket – the double zero pocket – and that tilts the house edge in favour of the house by a couple of percentage points when compared to standard European roulette, which has but one zero pocket. If you choose French roulette with La Partage rule, then you will receive half your stake back for an even money bet if the ball lands in the zero pocket, tilting the house edge a little more in your favour.

As a trader, you should appreciate those fine margins mentioned above. But roulette is not alone when it comes to different variations offering better or worse rates of return. Most blackjack games, for example, have a very small house edge when played with best strategy. But you should be looking out for games with liberal Vegas Strip rules, which again gives you some slender advantages when compared to regular blackjack.

Set Parameters For Your Gaming

As with investing, it’s not all about the games you choose but how you play them. Your strategy for playing any game should always include discipline. That’s the discipline of when to walk away, even if you are losing. Think of it in a way of putting out a stop-limit order for shares on the stock market. Like the lowest price for selling and buying, you should set the parameters for your profits and losses in advance.

Indeed, traders should already have the discipline to walk away when necessary. Gamblers sometimes make the mistake of thinking that games are somehow sentient, and that luck can be due. It isn’t. The cold hard facts of probability and chance are laid out before you, and you can’t rely on the hand of providence to adjust those facts.

Moreover, you must remember that there are statistics available for all types of casino games, and you can use those to your advantage. Even slot machines, certainly those found online, will have historical data listed, such as when jackpots have been triggered, and other information, like the RTP (return to player) figures which show how much the game pays back to players over time.

In the end, if you play casino games you are naturally at a disadvantage. Short of using chaos theory to judge the fall of the roulette ball or card counting to beat the house at blackjack, you will face odds that are slightly against you. Yet it’s not as if great fortunes cannot be won at a casino. Those who do reap those rewards often make use of the logical decisions outlined above. And, by using your head, the data and the facts, as with trading, you can literally increase your chances of winning.

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