Online deposit and withdrawal methods in Gambling for New Zealand

Gambling is very popular in New Zealand. There are several very popular online gambling platforms operating in the country, which makes decisions making a little harder for gamblers.


As some studies show, gambling has been popular in New Zealand since the 1830s. For a long time, almost all forms of gambling were prohibited in the country. However, today, gambling expenses amount as much a $NZ 2 billion per year in the country. Pokies, one of the most popular ways of gambling in the country, amount 35 percent of this, which is followed by casinos with 26 percent. The lottos amount 21 percent of the sum, and the sports betting stand at 18 percent.


One of the most interesting things about gambling in New Zealand is that all public gamings platforms must donate a portion of its profits towards bettering the situation in the country, today there are six land-based casinos operating on the Island.


People of New Zealand can also legally play online casinos, as long as they are not based in New Zealand.


As one of the representatives of popular online casino platform among New Zealanders, PlayAmo New Zealand, Noah Williams told us, while trying to come up with new ideas, they decided to have diverse ways of payment, which could give many gamblers the opportunity to have more fun without having too much to worry about. As he said, the website offers one of the best games on the market. “The games are developed by tens of best professionals around the world. The website offers more popular, older versions of classic games, while also providing new, challenging and exciting versions of well-known, famous games,” said Noah Williams.


He also added that games are not enough to make the best online gambling casino, so they had to come up with things that only a few other platforms can offer. If you decide to play online casino games in New Zealand, there are several things you need to keep in mind.


As one of the most popular platforms on the market, Williams said that they try to offer their users the most challenging and fun experience than ever before.


Developers of the platform have come up with ideas to offer its players one of the best paying methods. With many of the platforms operating in New Zealand, you can pay with either traditional methods or newer ones.


For example, on some of the platforms, players are able to pay with Credit Cards, though with some limitations. The maximum amount of money that you can deposit on your PlayAmo account with a credit card is 12,000 NZD.


The platforms also offer payments with E-Wallets and cryptocurrencies. In the case of the E-Wallets, the limit is 4,000 NZD. But, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, there are no limits. You can pay as much of them as you like.


There are even some platforms offering crypto users one of the best games on the market.

When it comes to withdrawing your money, you need to keep in mind that there might be some time that you should wait. For example, in the case of credit cards, you might have to wait for one to three banking days and you can’t withdraw more than 6,000 NZD.


For E-Wallets and cryptocurrencies, there is no waiting time, but you sill have some limitations. For E-wallets, you can not withdraw more than 4,000 NZD, for crypto, you can withdraw a maximum amount of 2 BTC, 5 ETH, 5 BCH, etc.


As Crypto becomes very popular every day, making sure that you develop with modern technology can mean a lot for the comfort of your users.


Laws on gambling in New Zealand

Gambling in New Zealand is prohibited by the law unless it is authorized by the government. The gambling world is categorized into four different categories in New Zealand, each of them requiring a special license from the authorities in order to operate.


The maximum prize amount and turnovers are different in every category. According to the law, one must be at least 20 years of age in order to enter the casino, but only 18 if they wish to participate in sports betting, scratch cards, and lotteries.


However, online gambling is still prohibited across the country. While no one can play at any online casino based in New Zealand, no one is prohibited to play online casino games that are based in other countries.


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