Forecast by Marius Ghisea – EUR/NZD ( November 14-18)

According to the daily forex chart, the price for EUR/NZD pair has reached  the bottom for the short term. The confirmation of an uptrend will be when the price reaches EMA50 (1.5315). The targets for this currency pair may be at Fibo 38% (1.5643) and at Fibo 50% ( 1.5889), in the medium-long term.


The MACD is already positive on the 8 hour chart and the retracement is expected to be until Fibo 23% ( 1.5283). The uptrend confirmation will be at EMA200 (1.5384). The price may reach Fibo 38% (1.5550) then Fibo 50% (1.5767) in the medium term.


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