FXTM $10 No Deposit bonus

FXTM 10 No Deposit bonus

Broker: FXTM  (review)

Name: FREE1000c BONUS (1000 cents=$10)

Bonus Duration:  31 Dec. 2015

Bonus size: $10

Maximum amount of bonus: $10

Bonus for: New Traders

Withdrawal requirements: Trading volume. Bonus can be withdrawn if you make at least 2 standard lots . NOTE: To withdraw profit you do not need make deposit


Link: FXTM $10 No Deposit bonus


FXTM $10 No Deposit bonus Agreement

Source: forextime.com

1. The FREE 1000 Promotion (the “Promotion”) is only applicable to all NEW approved clients (“CLIENT”) that elect to open a CENT account with Forextime Ltd (“FXTM” or the “Company”)

2. Scratch cards of $ 10 ($1000 cents) credit are available. Each person can be eligible for one scratch card and must register on the FXTM website and complete at least the first step of the registration. Each scratch card will give the CLIENT 1000 of credit on a CENT account to trade.

3. The CLIENT must enter his unique code from his scratch card in MyFXTM, and following the registration instructions therein.

4. The CLIENT has 30 days to use the coupon from the date of activation, after that the coupon and credit will no longer be valid.

5. In order to be able to make any kind of withdrawal, the CLIENT will need to deposit 10$ and trade 2 ordinary (NOT CENT) lots after the deposit. The CLIENT will not be able to withdraw until he deposits 10$ and trades 2 ordinary Lots, only then the coupon credit will be available to withdraw.

6. The Standard Terms of Business (“STD ToB”) that apply to all CENT accounts and shall form part of these Terms and Conditions (and in the event of any inconsistencies between the STD ToB and these promotional terms and conditions, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail).

7. Although the CENT Accounts will have a fixed spread applied to all instruments in this account, FXTM reserve the right to switch to floating spread at any given time in the event that the Company deems it appropriate such as under abnormal market conditions.

8. The financial instruments that will have a fixed spread applied to them in the CENT Accounts can be found on the contract specifications page of FXTM’s website (www.forextime.com) under the Trading Services tab. Any changes shall be at the discretion of FXTM without any prior notice.

9. The Stop Out Level for the CENT Accounts will be 10%.

10. The floating leverage will be determined daily by FXTM and will depend on the client’s Equity as at 23:00 MT time. Any adjustments to the floating leverage will be done after such determination. An indicative table can be found under margin requirements page of FXTM’s website (www.forextime.com) under the Trading Services tab. FXTM will not be liable or accept any responsibility for any margin call or losses that the Client may suffer, including but not limited to losses due to Stop-out Level, as a result of any change in the floating leverage. The Company reserves the right to change the leverage at any time it so deems fit and appropriate without any prior notice to the Client.

11. Although the Stop Limits will vary between 0.5 to 2 pips, the Company reserves the right to change these levels as it so, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate, without any prior notice to the Client.

12. 1 Limit & Stop levels on Standard accounts do not usually exceed 0.5 spreads, they may however be increased up to 2 spreads under certain market conditions. — http://www.forextime.com/trading-terms/contract-specifications

13. In the event that the Client has any negative balance once all trades have been closed, then FXTM reserves the right to adjust all such negative balances in line with Customer Agreement

14. FXTM has the right to withdraw without prior notice the Promotion or profit gained if: a) a breach of these Terms and Conditions occurs; b) Upon expiration of the Promotion, the trading terms are not satisfied; c) The Company has reasonably grounds to believe a misuse of the Promotion; d) Client attempts to withdraw the Promotion before satisfying the Trading Terms. e) Client withdraws any amount of initial and/or any subsequent deposits.

15. FXTM will not be liable for any margin call or losses that you may suffer, including but not limited to losses due to Stop-out Level, if the Promotion is withdrawn for any reason pursuant to the Terms and Conditions set out herein.

16. FXTM reserves the right, as it in its sole discretion deems fit, to alter, amend, suspend, cancel or terminate the Promotion, or any aspect of the Promotion, at any time and without any prior notice. Under no circumstances shall FXTM be liable for any consequences of any alteration, amendment, suspension, cancelation or termination of the Promotion.

17. Any indication or suspicion of fraud, manipulation, cash-back arbitrage, or other forms of deceitful or fraudulent activity in a client’s account or multiple account with FXTM or otherwise related or connected to the Promotion will nullify any and all transactions carried and/or profits or losses garnered therein and in the case of Introducing Brokers (“IB”), FXTM reserves the right to deduct rebates received. FXTM reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual that misuses or attempts to misuse the Promotion, or breaches the present Terms and Conditions and/or any of FXTM’s Business Terms and to cancel all orders and annul all profits of such client. In these circumstances, FXTM shall not be liable for any consequences of the bonus cancelation..

18. In the event of any dispute or misinterpretation of the above applicable Terms and Conditions, such dispute or misinterpretation shall be resolved as FTXM acting in good faith and as it shall, in its sole and absolute discretion, deem fit and proper. FTXM’s decision shall be final and binding.

19. By opening a CENT trading account, the client acknowledges that has read and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions of the CENT Accounts together with FXTM’s standard Customer Agreement and Operative Agreements as well as to all other Business terms and conditions.

20. Notwithstanding the translated language of this document, the English wording shall be the binding version in the event of any discrepancy between the two languages.


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