FBS released a social trading app “CopyTrade”

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FBS broker presented a new social trading product that was highly requested in the community and aimed to bring clients’ income to a new level. The app is called “FBS CopyTrade” and designed for copying top-performing traders and making profit from all their successful trades.

Social trading has been an absolute hit among traders from the very outset: people loved the idea of sticking together and sharing trading ideas and knowledge. FBS wrapped the power of the community in a simple social trading app for iPhones where users can browse the list of available traders, track their indicators and their winning rate, choose the best ones, and start copying their actions right off the bat.

The entire process is literally performed in just one click – all you need to do is decide on a Trader to copy and hit the “Start Copy” button. After that, the trades will be copied automatically, and you can devote this time to other priorities.

There are two ways of using this app. You can become an Investor and replicate the trading activity of expert traders. Alternatively, you can become a Traderand allow others to copy your orders for a commission percentage. Percentage volume depends on your rating – the better your trading performance is, the money you get and the more Investors you attract.

The app allows you to follow the Traders you consider the best and eventually build your own network of top players in your own trading account. You can see how long a chosen Trader has been around, how many other Investors copied him and how much money was invested, as well as the commission amount and charts. There are over 100 payment methods to choose from, which makes this app awesome for Traders and Investors from all over the world.

Forex is a highly competitive marketplace that requires knowledge and skills, and social trading apps like FBS CopyTrade can definitely give you a hand with this. Indeed, community interaction is a great idea to speed up your progress by learning from professionals, but the best thing about social trading is definitely your income: when you copy pro traders, you earn like one, too.

FBS is an international broker with over 197 countries of presence. Over7 000 000 traders and 160 000 partners have already chosen FBS as their preferred Forex company. The broker offers a number of special services to make trading easier and more beneficial, such as swap-free and VPS services, free deposit insurance, $50 no-deposit bonus, and more.


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