How to Control the Phobia of Trading Forex


How to Control Your Emotions in Forex Trading

There is one particular agent that is holding a lot of traders from making waves in their trading business today, it is widely known as fear.

Fear is a great barrier that has seized a lot of potentials from shining. Most traders have the zeal of being a profitable trader but fear, buries their confidence for it to manifest.

A man by name Dale Carnegie said in one of is quote that ‘’inaction breeds fear and doubt. Action brings confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear you do not sit at home and think. Go out and get busy.’’

What is fear?

forex emotion control in Trading

According to research by psychologist, it is defined as an emotion induced by a threat sensed living beings, which automatically alters the brain and organ functions.

Fear which can be literally explained as false evidence appearing real, subscribes to specific stimulus perceived as risk to our wealth.

Common fears among forex traders

  • Fear of Placing the Wrong Order.


Actually this is one big problem faced by tradersespeciallythe beginners. They find it hard to believe in what order they want to place. They lack that feel that they are going for the right move; rather their minds and consciousness are filled with questions like

  • Should I click on buy or sell order?
  • Oh my God! I’m losing money
  • I don’t think is buy ,may be sell
  • Oh my God! What order should I place?

All this are question that arouses on your minds, because you are scare of taking the wrong step.

  • Fear of Losing All They Got.

Most traders are faced with thought like ‘’what if I lose more than the risk I took’’ ‘’what if I lose it all’’ ‘’what if the market turns against me’’.

Some of them are even faced with serious shake within themselves, overwhelmed with the taught like oh my God! I don’t think forex trading is for me, I don’t think I have the skills.

  • Fear to Give a Wrong Analysis.

This is one of the reasons why a lot of traders are risingand falling, they lack this perception of predicting the price movement.

It is a fact that every problem has a solution; all this problems mentioned above are subject of a very deadly emotional feeling known as FEAR.

How can we solve it?

forex emotion control

Forex Emotion Control

After consulting some trading psychologistand some intensive research, we were able to draw out some tablets for this problem.

  • Take enough breaks that will make you feel relax and fit for work.

It is highly advisable that you get yourself relaxed and fit before you get your butt to sit for work.

Taking a cool relaxation make you feel much fit, and erases anxiety that might tend to act as an agent of opposition when ready to trade.

For instance, you are a banker and got to the office distressed, it’s quite clear that your best will be hardly felt. You will feel so much distracted and it might even make you unhappy.

Every man’s consciousness and true dedication to duty can only be effective if he is in his right mood. And this very mood can be reached if he his relaxed in might and thought.

A good student can only shade the right answer if he is calm tostudy the question, but such student shades the wrong one if he is disturbed emotionally.

  • Reading books that motivate you on confidence execution.

One good method to spark your confidence in trading is by reading books, article that motivates you to be who you really want to be.

Most at times inspiration are wildly received through reading motivational books and also setting your minds on positive achievements.

  • Possessing a zero doubting mind.

Doubt is a killer factor that comes to play as a result of fear. When trader posses a zero doubting minds in him, he stands a full chance of burying fear/ phobia completely.

To buttress this further, having a zero doubting mind means you have no doubt in every move you make when trading.

For instance, when you carry out your analysis from the chart,you place your order strictly on what you’ve resolve.

  • Have faith in your analysis strategy.

The ability for you to analyze your chart correctly shows that you are a good analyst. Some traders still looks down on what they got, and believes in what other can do.

This simply means that such trader believes in others analysis and ignores his own capabilities. It is always advisable to have a real faith in what you can do. Stop looking down on your abilities, because in ones abilities lies a lot of possibilities.


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