FX-Secret forex EA

FX-Secret forex EA

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Name FX-Secret
Website fx-secret.com
Platform MetaTrader
Developer Other
Price 445 $
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FX-Secret  – forex Expert advisor  which was created with a unique and advanced trading algorithm by a private community of professional traders, has successfully generated considerably stable profit without long drawdowns. Launched in early 2016, this EA is the youngest member of a family named FX Secret Robots. FX Secret Combo allows several EAs runon one account at the same time to generate super profit.

Trading StyleMartingale

Developer – fx-builder


TF (Timeframe) – H1

Broker – FX-Secret work with forex broker

Recommended Minimum deposit – $1000

Price – $297

Refund policy – 30 days money back (through Avangate payment processor)   avangate logo

FX-Secret myfxbook statistic:

Real (USD), FXOpen, Technical, Automated, 1:500 , MetaTrader 4

FX-Secret General Features

Here are the some advantages of the FX Secret Combo expert advisor:
1. Easy to set up
2. 24 hour/5 days open trades without limits
3. Use settings that have already traded on real accounts successfully
4. Allow users to customize and make their own unique Forex strategy by adjusting parameters.

FX Secret Combo is an Expert Advisor that runs automatically on the account with an average daily gain of 1.64%. This is a really impressive returns rate for traders who want to go strong and hard. Nevertheless, even with a risk-averse individual, it is quite a reliable and prudential EA which guarantees the account will not go bankruptcy in just a blink.
FX Secret Combo has achieved a high ratio of returns with 375.84% in just 3 months, not bad at all to a deposit of $1000.
Don’t be afraid of Martingale

This forex EA is recommended to run on certain pairs which are AUDUSD, EURUSD and USDJPY only. The reason for this lies in the strategy the EA was built on. The Martingale. Yes, Martingale strategy. It sounds like a-hundred-year-ago story as only a few EAs now are applied with this system. For the inexperienced, you may ask why.
The Martingale was introduced by Paul Pierre Levy, a French mathematician, and became popularized in the 18th century. In forex, the mechanics involve an initial volume, after each time the order becomes a loss, the EA would automatically double such that. The idea is that only one winning trade will make up all of the previous losses. The strategy is geared to systems where the chance of winning is equal to the chance of losing.
The Martingale was seen as a dangerous strategy after thousands out-of-fashion EAs used it before and crashed as much as that number of accounts into ash. This is due to the fact that nobody has unlimited amount of money to reach that glory victory once they are too far from market direction.
If we lived in a magic world like Harry Porter, it would be no doubt that “Martingale” will sound like Lord Voldemort. This strategy is considered to put your account at risk, especially when the EA runs on trending currencies. ( read our article about Trading rules if you use  “dangerous” Forex robots)

FX-Secret: analysis of Myfxbook

currencies traded by fx-secret-combo

Pairs traded by FX-Secret

Meanwhile, all three above instruments are witnessing the divergence in monetary policies between U.S Federal Reserve and the three other center banks namely Reserve Bank of Australia, European Centre Bank and Bank of Japan. Whereas FED intends to continue its path of tightening its economy, RBA, ECB and BOJ are simultaneously on their course of cutting interest rates. This situation is disadvantage and advantage at the same time as it reinforces the predictability of the markets and guarantee quick recovery after unexpected spikes.
To overcome the risky side of trending markets, the recommended timeframe is H1, which allows more retracements and clearer ranges. Based on hourly chart, in the period of 3 months from February to April/2016, these currencies only trend approximately 20% of the time. This can be seen as the safe zone for EAs using Martingale elements.
In additional, the system’s capability of calculating the ideal position of entry is really stunning. Both long and short positions bring more than 55% win rate. An average trade length is under 1 day, indicating that the robot can control the risk quite great as it does not let your order float for days and end up in losses.



With longer-than-6-day position, the loss is about 1.65%. Meanwhile, 90% of all the orders last under 2 days and bring an average of more than 3% profit.

long_time fx-secret

FX-Secret duration of trades

FXSecret Combo calculates the trading volume based on the current margin of the account. Consequently, the lower is the margin level, the smaller is the volume. Another disadvantage of the Martingale strategy is that it accounts for a large amount of margin. Therefore, the number of opening orders is in inverse proportion with the amount of free margin left in the account.
There was only two times that 5 orders were running at the same time on the same instrument. Finally, they brought back 9.54% and 7.88% profit, respectively.


The best order bring up to 39.3% profit (this is the profit recorded after it closes the position), while the deepest loss is nearly 16.74%. The acceptable risks in Fx-Secret EA for EURUSD, AUDUSD and USDJPY are respectively 80, 220 and 53 pips.

stop_loss in fx-secret

One advanced and interesting point of FX-Secret Combo is that the covering-loss order doesn’t have to follow the trend of the previous one. The EA can cut the loss and place a new position with doubled volume in other direction. This is a firm stand preventing the scenario of classic Martingale catastrophe from triggering.

usdjpy_5_fxsecret orders

FX-Secret covering-loss orders

Fx-Secret Plans:

fx-secret plans

Buy: Business plan, Premium plan, Luxary plan

What you’ll get:

Lifetime license for each of the EAs for real or Demo accounts

– Access to a private section of the site with all the EAs

– Detailed user manual of each EA

– Professional help on creating of a portfolio

– VIP support 24/7


With exceptional innovations, FX-Secret Combo robot has triumphed over all the disadvantages of Martingale strategy. This is a durable and reliable software which can bring back hotshots without putting your account at risk.

Author working to improve “FX-Secret EA”. So after buying this robot all updates of the FX-Secret will be sending for free.

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