Forex Analysis by Marius G. (July 21-25)

EUR/AUD  Forecast

Author: Ghisea Marius 

EUR/AUD Weekly chart:


The weekly chart confirms that the trend for EUR/AUD will be down for long-term. Both MACD indicator and stochastic oscillator indicate the downtrend for this parity. The MACD indicator confirms a clear break out in the downtrend, until price level hits Fibo 50, at 1.4025, on daily chart.

EUR/AUD Daily chart:



The daily chart is clear regarding the trend for EUR/AUD, for the next two weeks. The MACD indicator confirms the downtrend for this parity. The downtrend will remain intact until price level hits Fibo 50.



About author:

Ghisea Marius  – fund manager and an advisor for institutional and individual investors. 10 years experience in forex market. Marius G. provides advices for long term investors with low risk strategies investments. Ghisea Marius Facebook group


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